About Cheri

CheriPhoto001The urge to create has always been a large part of my life. I am a self taught, intuitive mixed media artist. My earliest creative memories are from kindergarten. Coming from a family of creative people who were always making or building things, I love to explore a wide variety of art techniques. Having a very low boredom threshold, there is a need in me for new stimulation on a regular basis.

I have explored jewelry making, beading, basketry, paper arts, clay work, weaving, macrame, felting, book arts, glass fusing, kelp and other nature arts, collage and assemblage. This varied background has led me to my current area of study – mixed media artwork.

My jewelry includes lots of earrings using my handmade components of paper, embossed metal and a polymer print reduction method. Combining these pieces and adding layers of color and texture result in one of a kind earrings or “wearable art” as described by one of my customers.

Themes of nature and a love of rich texures are continuing threads in my art. I walk and collect in the woods and fields, the mountains and streams and along the beaches of my home in Newport, Oregon. Bringing home an intriguing assortment of found items, I then just jump in and start creating, letting the materials and my knowledge of process guide me.  It often feels like the piece is telling me what to do or what it wants and I am just along for the ride! Having a wide range of interests and a whole storehouse of techniques available to call on makes each piece unique. Often challenges arise in incorporating two new mediums in a piece, and a new variation of technique presents itself as the mediums cross over. What a rush when that happens! I’m sure that is why I am so prolific – I’m hooked on creating!

My kelp art incorporates everything I collect on my beach walks from Newport to Yachats. The pouches, pod arrangements, jewelry, rattles, baskets, roses, art dolls, and wall art pieces are created from Bull Kelp washed ashore. The pouches are sewn with rafia, and embellished with seaweeds, shells, kelp beads, fibers, feathers and wire. Once dry, they will last forever in a dry space indoors.

I do art shows in Yachats, Oregon, as well as Newport, and have two shows a year in my Newport home. I show at the Touchstone Gallery and Fireside Gallery in Yachats. I also see people by appointment at my home – call 541-265-5456.